I am a home designer with 25 years of home design and building experience.
I have designed simple to complex homes and have recently completed a $1,300,000 lake home that started as a pencil sketch and ended with construction of the home from the plans I created.


Many times, people wishing to build a home feel trapped when a builder creates a custom plan and does not allow the client to shop for the best price on that plan.

My service allows you to design your own custom plan.

I then seek quotes from builders, helping you select a builder based on your quality and price guidelines.
After selecting a builder, I serve as your design consultant, working with the contractor, to build the home to your standards.

I am your eyes and ears making sure the home is built as designed and closes on budget.

I also help you in the selection process, meeting with you, and the suppliers, to analyze the features that will go into the home.

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In addition to home design, I have excavation experience and am a realtor.
This means that I can help you find and purchase a lot.
Most importantly, I will advise you on the positioning of the home, on the lot, to meet your design objectives.

I designed and general contracted my own home, and I suggest we have our first meeting there, so you may see an example of my abilities.
We can also discuss the possibility of general contracting your own home, which would offer additional savings.

Feel free to contact me. I would be happy to meet at your convenience.

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Marv Peters, Realtor - Home Designer

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