TrueLife Real Estate Offers Two Instant Estimates Free of Charge

When contemplating a sale, Sellers often ask:

How much is my home worth?

What will my check look like at closing?

At TrueLife Real Estate we can help you obtain these answers!

Simply input your address into the Home Evaluation Tool,

we will email you the answers to both questions!

Ready to start? Enter your property address in the blank!  Need more information? Keep reading!

The home value estimate algorithm considers:


Number of Bathrooms

Square Footage

Number of Bedrooms

Property Sizes

The software then makes calculations based on:

Property Records

Recent Sales

Historical Data

The resulting estimate comes with a "high" and "low" range to accomodate property condition.

Recent updates will add value to your home.

Needed repairs, or damage, will lower the value of your home.

In addition, there are other factors that can affect the price of a home, such as popular schools and neighborhood amenities.

Using the home value estimate, Truelife Real Estate calculates a net proceeds estimate, also known as :

The check you will receive at closing!

Sellers use this number to help determine if a property sale is "worth the effort".

After you receive the estimates, 

we would be happy to schedule a property tour to analyze the data against true property condition to finalize information for your decision making.


To begin this process, enter your address in the Home Evaluation Tool!

Home Evaluation Tool

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Our Pledge to you, 

“The home evaluation tool will request your email and you will receive an email acknowledgement from us.  Feel free to call, or text, anytime.  We promise professional service that puts you in 100% control of your decision-making process.”






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