Marvin Peters

Marvin Peters's Bio

Marvin Peters has over 35 years of experience in the construction and real estate industries with various specialties including commercial and residential home designs, construction management, and estimating.  Marvin also has over 20 years of experience in real estate valuations, building revitalization, and land development.

There are many areas that Marvin can put his experience to work for you towards your real estate goals.

As a home designer, Marvin can help buyers that are interested in building a new home by analyzing desired lots and then custom designing a home that will meet the buyer’s needs.  He can help secure construction estimates from qualified, licensed builders in addition to representing the buyers during the construction process, ensuring the home is built to the agreed upon plans, specifications and cost.  Marvin’s experience gives buyers of new construction homes the ability to control negotiations with builders, material selections, and the cost of construction.

Marvin can help sellers analyze a property and determine pricing options. Whether the home is ready to sell in its current condition, or needs a strategy for improvements, Marvin can develop a selling-plan that maximizes a property’s selling price.

Marvin can help buyers tour existing properties, or develop strategies for revitalizing older homes in suburban and urban areas, lakeshore properties, or cabins.

Often, the sale of property is more complex than those with simple lot and block neighborhoods.  Marvin’s experience can provide guidance through situations involving property splits, zoning regulations, location, and exclusivity.  Marvin is an exceptional resource to interview and help you analyze sales strategies with the goal of clearly communicating the unique property features and benefits for an acceptable offer.

Marvin also has commercial experience.  He can help investment buyers and sellers analyze farms, residential rental properties, light industrial, and other commercial-type property transactions.

Feel free to call or email Marvin to discuss your real estate opportunities.  He would be happy to meet with you to discuss your specific goals.