How to Sell a House in 3 Easy Steps

Once you "Know Your Numbers", we offer a full service system that addresses all the marketing needs of sellers today which we call "How to Sell a House in 3 Easy Steps".
Our goal is to use this system to turn prospects into fast home buyers.

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Define a stress-free sales goal

The most stressful thing when listing a house is not having a defined plan.

We determine the equity in your property and what your check will look like at the closing table.

Then, we identify a selling strategy and a solid plan to ensure you attract buyers to help you get top dollar for your home.

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Execute the Sales Plan

What is in the TrueLife Marketing toolbox?

  • Professional staging and photos
  • Story writing and  professional voice over
  • Video production and brochure creation
  • Personalized home website
  • MLS listing with video plus
  • Facebook and other media ads
  • Handymen, painters, and other “home fix up” professionals for repair work
  • It is a powerful mix of tools and technology that TrueLife Real Estate Solutions offers you.
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Close and Group Hug

We negotiate offers to the sales goal securing a purchase agreement.

We clear contingencies, select a title company, close, and have our famous group hug.

Most importantly, you are presented the "Big Check!"

Find the value of your home now!