Selling Grandma’s House

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Inheriting Real Estate Can be Tricky.

Estate planning can save money and time and also ease the property transfer process.

An excellent way to begin is performing a “marketability analysis” to identify needed repairs, or improvements.

Occasionally updates and repairs are left as responsibilities to the heirs.  This review can bring to light what should be done to increase the equity in the property, and lessen the responsibility of the heirs. TrueLife Real Estate Solutions is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice on your property transfer strategy. 

However, we can guide you to estate lawyers who can create a property transfer plan.

We can then serve as the real estate firm that sells the property and distributes the net proceeds according to your plan.


A documented plan avoids family stress and ensures your wishes are carried out.

Selling inherited real estate is often complicated

and may have court procedures with numerous documents needing proper notarized signatures. If you find yourself in the position of being an Estate Trustee, or heir to an estate,

we can help you understand the sale of real property within an estate.

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We can help you market the property, prepare the purchase documents, and sell the property to a buyer. At the closing table we can assist you in making sure the net proceeds follow the proper distribution schedule of the estate.

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Whether you are planning a future property sale or find yourself inheriting an estate, we are here to help.