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Buying a Home in 3 Easy Steps

"As owner of TrueLife Real Estate Solutions, it is my mission to help you buy a home with confidence!  I will help you search from 1 to 100 homes until we find one that is just right for you. 

From start to finish of any real estate transaction,  I have the trusted referrals to see you through the process.  Call now to interview me to be your buyer's agent.  I would be honored to help!"

Rod Tietz, Owner Broker

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Step 1 |“640 Rule”

In order to  buy a house, you need a minimum credit score of 640. 

Of course, many buyers have exceptional credit and can begin searching homes immediately. 

Regardless of your credit scenario, we guide you to mortgage professionals best suited to your situation to secure a pre-approval letter which allows you to make offers to buy a house.

For Sale

Step 2 |Search, Tour, and Offer

With your price and target area defined, we search the existing marketplace and tour homes that match your criteria. We also set up our instant email feature for “first looks” on new listings.  

Whether we tour 1 or 100 houses, we will gladly show you houses until we find the one that is right for you!  You can count on us to schedule showings on new listings ASAP!  

Once we find the right home we draft a purchase offer and submit it to the listing agent for seller review. Then we negotiate the terms acceptable to you!

Signing papers

Step 3 |Close and Group Hug

After your offer is accepted we contact your mortgage professional to start the financing.  We then help facilitate inspections and selecting a title company to close the transaction.

This leads us to the finish line and our famous TrueLife Real Estate group hug!

Group Hug
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