Stealth Real Estate Services

When using Stealth Real Estate Services, a Real Estate prospect uses a Realtor to secure or act on property information that is otherwise not readily available to the market for strategic benefit.  Such tactics are taken confidentiality and are credible when executed by an experienced Real Estate Professional.  The actions typically lead to the use of one time buying and showing contracts followed up by executable purchase agreement.Stealth Photo

Examples of Stealth:

– A buyer defined a specific townhome development she wanted to live at.  No units were on the market.  She used stealth to execute a private transaction in the development and purchase a unit to her liking. Other buyers have used similar techniques to identify lake, acreage properties and land.

– A retired famer was approached by multiple neighbors that should he ever have interest in selling his land they were ready to buy.   His concern these are my friends; how do I represent the property fairly honoring buyer interest for a first look while preventing hard feelings from the non-purchasing parties?  He employed a Stealth strategy.

– A divorcing couple wanted to keep their separation private.  They used Stealth services to sell their residence preventing personal information from becoming gossip to their community, family and friends.

– A land seller wanted to know if a specific buyer had interest in purchasing his property.  Fearful if he reached out with an intention to sell directly the offer would be low.  The seller used Stealth services to determine buyer interest and potential purchase price.


Corporate America has been using Stealth services to recruit key executives from other firms and test the water for acquisition purchases.  Whatever your Real Estate need, if you feel things need to be done in private consider using a Stealth Strategy.