Choose Your Buyer's Agent Wisely

You’re Paying Your Agent Even Though it Doesn't Feel Like It!

When you buy a house,

it may not feel like you’re paying your buyer’s agent

because the representation fee is typically in the purchase price. 

house for sale
Dollar Sign

You need to think about this a little differently, understanding that by giving a Realtor the privilege to be your representative he, or she,

is securing the right to earn the compensation built into the sale price. 

That is a lot of money. 

A good agent will:

  • be willing to tour many properties
  • guide you to options for mortgage, title, inspections, and home-repair services
  • always give you the choice to make decisions

Most importantly, they will return phone calls and

be your #1 advocate in finding a home. 

At the end of a successful real estate relationship, your agent should feel like family and

be worthy of your endorsement to relatives and friends. 

I would appreciate the opportunity to be your professional realtor.

Call to interview me to be your buyer's agent!  

I will explain our 3-step home-buying system and then

tour houses with you until you find one that is just right!