FHA Loans Require an Inspection

One of the most popular financing options for home-buyers are FHA loans because they have a low-down payment and the seller can contribute to the buyers closing costs.   Making sure that your home is FHA compliant will expand your pool of potential buyers.

A requirement of the process it that an FHA appraiser must perform an inspection to see if the home meets FHA guidelines. 

A seller should perform an FHA inspection prior to listing the property, but this doesn't always happen.


The inspection list has several items, including: 

  • a good roof

  • handrails

  • a functioning furnace

  • satisfactory plumbing

  • a safe electrical system

  • a solid foundation without water intrusion or mold

  • operating doors

  • windows free of broken glass

  • no peeling paint

If the appraiser discovers a deficiency, it must be repaired before closing.

If the buyer and seller cannot agree on a repair, the Purchase Agreement may be canceled.

We can help you save time by assessing whether a home can pass an FHA inspection!