Once you “Know Your Numbers”, we offer a full service system that addresses all the marketing needs of sellers today which we call “How to Sell a House in 3 Easy Steps”. Our goal is to use this system to turn prospects into fast home buyers.


  Step 1 |Define a Stress Free Sales Goal

The most stressful thing when listing a house is not having a defined plan. We determine the equity in your property and what your check will look like at the closing table. Then, we identify a selling strategy and a solid plan to ensure you attract buyers to help you get top dollar for your home.



  Step 2 |Open the TrueLife Marketing Tool Box® and Execute the Sales Plan

What is in the toolbox? Professional staging, professional photos, story writing, professional voice over, video production, brochure creation, personalized home website, MLS listing with video, Facebook ads, media ads, handymen, painters, and other “home fix up” professionals for repair work. It is a powerful mix of tools and technology that TrueLife Real Estate Solutions offers you.


  Step 3 | Close and Group Hug

We negotiate offers to the sales goal securing a purchase agreement. We clear contingencies, select a title company, close, and have our famous group hug. Most importantly, you are presented the “Big Check!”

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