In the past 10 years, many Scott County MN real estate owners have lost their homes due to foreclosure and short sale. Some, as a result, even had to file for personal bankruptcy. They watched their credit score plummet and experienced one of the most frustrating and depressing events of their lives. Sadly, no one was likely there for these people during these events. From running out of money and receiving demanding letters from attorneys, to watching your house being sold and having to relocate, the whole experience can be quite tragic. As a real estate professional in Scott County, True Life Real Estate is dedicated to providing the help necessary for overcoming foreclosure in the Twin Cities Area.

Purchase homes for sale in Scott County MN once again, even with poor credit history.

Scott County MN ForeclosureTrue Life Real Estate has helped numerous people buy homes for sale in Scott County MN again after going through foreclosure, short sale and bankruptcy. We start by reviewing your situation and then creating a strategic plan for you to buy once again.  In many instances, people are astonished at how fast they can buy.  A true story – recently a gentleman came into the office looking for a rental.  When asked why he was not looking to purchase a home.  He stated that he had a foreclosure in his credit history, and did not feel like he would be able to buy.  Just 90 days later, with our real estate knowledge, he closed on a home at normal market interest rates.

Our research indicates that buyers who have experienced foreclosures in Scott County MN want things to remain confidential and are truly looking for someone to help them. Most have become excellent credit managers because they never want to experience the effects of a negative credit scenario again. Some have even saved up for a down payment.

There are certain steps that are necessary to follow to execute a home purchase in this type of situation. It starts when you contact us to review your buying strength and the creation of a buy-again plan.  We will then guide you through the steps and help you arrive at the closing table.  All information is kept confidential.  We receive compensation as a commission off your home purchase and guarantee you will pay no hidden fees. If you have been negatively affected by the housing market in the past and are interested in re-entering it, please contact us and schedule a meeting today.

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